Awakening Cover

A Very Short Bio

Lindsey Stone was born in the West-Midlands of England, but at the age of 13 emigrated to the Netherlands with her mother and brother. Although she often misses the British landscape and its traditional food, she is pleased to live in a country where sexual orientation is no longer grounds for discrimination and where homosexual couples and their rights are recognized and protected by the law.

Her mind is a bustling playground filled with images, scenes, characters, and plots, all demanding her attention, but in those moments when they are kind enough to give her some peace, she can be found playing her guitar, or building something out in the garage, or simply slouched on the couch next to her trusted shadow, her Malinois dog.

Lindsey is not easily swayed from her own beliefs and convictions, but will be tempted to get into a car with a stranger if he or she is driving a Jeep (the bigger the wheels the better) and she can be bought for an English Yorkshire pudding covered in mint sauce.

My Motivation

With my writing I strive to capture the true intent of a moment. By that I mean revealing the emotions that form the current of that moment's existance. It's a lot like trying to find the beginning of a rainbow; you can never find the exact spot where it begins and ends but it's the journey one takes in trying that more meaning is given to the lustrious array of color. In this case the infinate shades of emotion.

My ultimate goal is to invade the hearts and minds of my readers with seeds of love and thought.